- [ 08.08.09, 10:19 a.m. ]

Beautiful day today!

Just woke up, fairly refreshed. I love saturdays. Just being able to sleep to whenever. aaaaah.

Today will be full of cookouts and workout weekend.

Today a year ago, i was a nervous wreck because tomorrow a year ago, David and I were married!

How FAST did THAT go! I suppose one year isn't as much time to you when you, i'll say, grow up. i remember being little and a year was forever.

But here David and I go on year two! It's exciting. We get to go to church tomorrow and come home and eat thawed out cake, which i don't think will be yummy...and then maybe go to dinner. maybe not in that order.

we still have a couple gift certificates to spend from our wedding gifts! we like to savor the moments. use them for when things are special since they were specially given.

well, i do. david probably doesn't even know i still have them... lol

well, the inevitable happened and my sister is engaged to her boyfriend of 4 years. still not happy. dealing better though.

talked with him the other week. heard alot of excuses, and heard alot of heart-felt things.

i asked him for forgiveness, he accepted and now my heart is lighter! however, there is a long road to recovery between us and the goal of a good godly relationship so please continue to pray.

we were supposed to hang out once a week and it was up to them last week to pick a day, and we still haven't heard from them.

it's things like that that make me want to slap someone. you say you want to try, but don't. and ONE week after you said such things.

then again, God has to deal with them, not me.

i always thank God that he is in control and not humans cause we'd all be dead by now.

my house is in order, and i have to start getting ready to go to the cookout!

another beautiful day!

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