- [ 08.15.09, 4:06 p.m. ]

i see talktogod's screen name in the recent public entries column. you're FAMOUS!

there's also something about fuzzy cheese...interesting.

so, life is progressing as normal, except without all the drama that has before ensued with my sister and her boy-toy. well, fiance. BLECH.

some day i might get used to that word.

talked to the boy, heard alot of excuses why they do what they do, alot of it was blamed on how he was raised in the church...pardon me, drinking and partying and other such nonsense is looked upon as AWESOME in the bible? me thinks no.

BUT. now that we've talked and i've given my concerns and david has his, i feel the weight is gone from my court.

it's in theirs now. Good thing God is good with mercy.

i shouldn't say such things because they are judgemental.


today went to the beach. i'm supposed to go with a co-worker to play bingo but she hasn't told me where or when or all that good stuff so i don't think we're going. i remember her saying something about having to leave her house at 5 but i think she forgot. hasn't answered my texts so what are ya gonna do.

not that i mind. tonight's workout weekend and i'm not sure if i'll be going.

david's in a funk cause he got some lab tests back that show his bad cholesterol is up. he's got bad genes...what can he do? but apparently he thinks that it IS his fault and has been in bed all day moping about it.

what am i supposed to do about that?

i know what i WANT to do about that. tell him to snap out of it or go back to his mother's house...but that wouldn't be nice and if he told ME that? I'd go. lol

so here i am sitting on our bed in our air conditioned bedroom typing away and not really knowing what to say.

work is interesting. i had 3 days off last week for david and i's anniversrary and the place practically blows itself up. at least, that's what i heard.

a worker that quit last week says she's not quitting cause she can't afford to quit. i know, mercy, but i'm looking to get someone else in here and she can go. fickle-mindedness is not something i love. nor is making statements of that magnitude without thinking first.

SO, she's working still...

AND i love working monday and fridays only. it's the best thing! too bad i can't make money that way. well, i could if i worked 20 hours each day, but that would be stupid.

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